Bytes, bits and pills

It's a bit politics as well, he said.

At that point of time I wasn't quite sure what he meant with that sentence and I think neither was he. It was more like every job involves power games.

In all my previous jobs I had been standing more or less outside of these power games because I was some temporary intern or trainee, tolerated and paid for learning the necessary on the road to more serious temporary contracts if it is that they can ever be really serious.

Later on, or now  - to be more specific - his sentence almost sounds like an understatement or a very precise prediction and even job description.

Human nature combined with bureaucracy, law, education, money (those shiny rotten fruits of our so-called enlightened and democratic society) does not reveal anything more than: YES, exactly! --> Human nature. Of course, how else could it be if all of it is man made in the end. The problem is probably rather that these systems are hardly handmade, they are regulated by software, communicated through websites and channeled through phones, faxes and printers. Oh I hear this unbearable beep of the hungry printer just now and I have to laugh because all those science fiction stories of crazy robots conquering our planet have long become true. That is why I asked my colleague today: "Will you decide for the blue or the red pill?" and he just shrugged and did not understand. "Matrix", I said.
"Long ago that I watched it, I don't remember" and I tried to explain him that even if he did not watch it he could try to answer my question. Funny enough that we had discussed during the lunch break what is behind intelligence tests and if they make any sense. I have this thing for engineers and mathematicians and in fact all natural scientists. I believe they have access to mind sets and ideas which are not accessible to me. At the same time I see them struggling with rationality and logic that keeps them away from .... from what? from a kind of liberation by letting all borders and explanations go. I feel like when they make their logical arguments they probably think they are not speaking for themselves, the scientific truth or whatever speaks for them. I have always felt inferior towards highly logical people, maybe because my intuition and my irrationality might seem ridiculous and banal and of course self-revealing. Emotion hits logic like a piece of lava falling into an ocean. I wonder for how long I can prevent myself from drowning in the ocean. I should probably stop myself from preventing it. Just be that piece of black cold fire stone.


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