I have really lost it...

... I have really lost the connection to the afternoon which I never thought could be possible
I am working with paper, a screen and a copy machine
I am dreaming with a silk that has yet to be cultivated
I am walking with shoes that match the color of my coat
I am looking for duties to be fulfilled
I am considered to be shy and emotional at the same time
I am bending towards my gut
I am waking up with a red sky and blue skin
I am eating with avidity after hours of turning pages
I am smiling with question marks
I am hugging eight hours, a tired man and a new forgetfulness
I am watching myself in the train's window and I realize:

I have really lost it...


  1. Leonie, I really like it, you kept me reading after 10 seconds, and that's pretty hard to do around these days, around this place....

    do you want surprise? you know where it is.


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