Imaging the irrelevant

I have become too scared of writing and saying irrelevant things, of being myself irrelevant and redundant.
Being negative and silent has become all too easy in these days. There are so many dim shadows, but which one is worth to be imaged and imagined for future caricatures?
The simple tasks that are offered to me are like little surprises. My phone rings and Vishnu tells me to come up on the hill to the Max-Planck-Campus. There is a lot of beer left from some neuroscience conference. It is a truly beautiful early evening in mid June. The air is pleasant and the sun is still shining. The hills are so green and we lie down in the old botanical garden of Max Planck. Vishnu's colleague draws beer and we find pretty rose bouquets in the empty conference room. I save one from dying of thirst. After three beers we go to one of the labs to play table tennis. My white dress gets dirty from some machine oil and the guys tell me not to lift up my arm all the time to better control the racket. Vishnu's colleague says he wants to marry him so he can have an Indian wedding and an elephant that would spew colored water on the guests.
The colleague takes out his asthma spray. In this moment Vishnu falls from a chair but he falls on his hands and gets up quickly. "Very athletic" I say. "You two are so romantic", says Vishnu's colleague. All in all the evening is an easier task than I thought and it goes well.
Three days later I lie in the little bed in the room of my childhood. I sleep for 11 hours. I dream of marrying Vishnu in India very spontaneously. He himself is not there. But among the guests is Dr. House and he is drinking beer and watching the ceremony. I have no clue what to do. I wear several pullovers on top of my Indian sari. I try to get rid of them without looking stupid. Then I wake up and I do not know if to be disappointed or not about the fact that it was just a dream. I do not understand why a TV series character would drink a beer on my wedding as one of my spectators. I take a shower to wake up and think about more important questions, but I cannot find any. So I read the newspaper while eating cereals, but I am unable to process the information. I leave the house to greet my bunny in the garden, but when I look into the cage I realize that I forgot that the bunny had already died before Easter.


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