The cat that at the end no one wanted to be dead

It starts with the blurred image of a family member. A male family member. It could be some unknown uncle, an uncle who is born in the dream. He carries my black cat, the black cat of my family, into a room. I can read the fear in the cat's eyes. It is a pretty and healthy cat. It is also one of the peaceful kind. The dream-uncle says that it has been decided: "The cat has to die". The whole family is gathered in the room. They form a circle in a living room that has a fluffy carpet and comfortable leather couches. There is no reason to kill the cat. I want to burst into tears and run away with the cat to save it from an unnecessary death. But anyone in the room including me can speak up against the DECISION. Anyone knows which institution or what or who has decided the cat's death. Uneasy silence. The dream-uncle inserts a needle into the cat's veins. I can see that the uncle is sorry but the "necessity to kill the cat" makes him do it with a quiet hand. The family watches how the cat's movements start to become slow and sleepy. The cat's tail moves as if it was extremely relaxed. In this moment I start to scream and shout. "It is not yet over. We can still save the cat". Everyone seems to agree although the family members' faces look fearful and they are completely passive about my suggestion. After long minutes of silence, the dream-uncle reacts and he leaves the room to get some antivenom pills from a nurse that waits in her white robe outside of the living room. The cat opens its mouth slowly and starts to purr - not out of pleasure but due to the coming of death.
Dream-uncle says "It is probably too late."
I wake up with a small hole in my tongue. My words, on this day after waking up from the dream, are leaking through the hole and they sound as if I was purring. I can hear it. Only I can hear it.


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