L'inquiétante étrangeté

Don't you also welcome those dreams that are either happy or sad? And would you agree that the ones in which you as an ostensibly real YOU in the dream presages an event with unknown outcome although you can paradoxically somehow decide over its outcome as its only perceiver are the most disturbing ones?

Yesterday night  - the long-awaited climate change from a belated spring to the normal craziness of rainy-sunny April might have happened exactly then- I had a dream of the disturbing kind:

I was waiting in an airport terminal to take a flight for a week end trip. It was a spontaneous trip that promised a pleasant short adventure, nothing risky, yet a trip I was not sure about right from the beginning.
I knew the airport terminal from earlier dreams. It was small and very white. Soon later I sat on the plane, but my doubts about whether to take that plane disturbed me without knowing exactly why. In fact, I had no idea what the purpose of that trip was and if I had ever planned it myself. The airplane was a belly of fear and mistrust. I stared at the runway. The sky was clear, the light gentle. My airplane was going to Versailles- a place, a city that exists in reality only as the castle of Versailles. I took it for granted. I was forced to take this place, this strange trip for real. Then all the passengers on the plane were informed that a terrible accident had happened just an hour ago - we were shown a second long video of an airplane crash that took place on the very same runway from which we would leave to Versailles. The passengers seemed not too worried. I, for my part started to struggle with my rationality. "The probabibility that our plane will also explode on that runway just an hour later is too bizarre to be true", I told myself. At the same time I believed more in the bizarre and the intuitive which was maybe just blank horror and irrational fear and I decided that I had to get off that plane as quickly as possible. But I was caught in my mind and I could not take action. My destiny was in the hands of the sequence of future events. And it made me incredibly sad. It was not horror, it was not fear, it was not anger. It was lament. It was a dream.


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