A: I hate my generation!
B: Why? I mean..why do you say that?
A: I still don't know exactly but there is no functioning communication among people of my age
B: What would be a functioning communication then?
A: To talk because you want to know something about the other or at least because you want to tell something about yourself that has a meaning to someone else. But I just see coffee cups and Hipsters and soft-cynicism (I mean like soft-porno). Everyone is so shapeable and flexible, imitating the imitation of the imitation..
A: What would you wish "your" generation to be like?
B: I want them to talk and listen and I want them to stop "posting" and "liking" and "re-tweeting".
A: Do you  yourself talk and listen?
B: Right now? No. Or let's say from time to time. with very few people, friends. I am living in episodes. I have become a soap opera without real accidents. This could be an own verb: "to episode".
A: Where are you episoding to next?
B: To a place I used to call home.


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