EVALUATION REPORT case file 2013-0001

Ms. L.R. was always friendly and clean. Her great sense of responsibility for in fact unimportant tasks was impressive. Her innocent smile was equally amusing as were her worn-out boots she would wear together with a skirt that she had obviously bought several sizes too big. She was meticulous and dedicated, even with minor tasks such as carrying books or arranging them in a cupboard. She was able to prove her academic excellence and research skills by compiling the same information each week. She became an appreciated member of the team very fast by going from office to office making cheap compliments about people's outer appearance. L.R's lack of amnesia, so common among office workers, ensured that she would never forget her badge at home and thus she never gave any reason to annoy the security guards.
The overall evaluation of Ms L. R. is very positive. I am sure that she has absolutely no added value for any future employer except her availability. I think she is an asset for any organization that is very effective in doing what should not be done.


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