Indulgent as I am, I accept to oscillate between indulgence and self-indulgence
But the madness waits just around the corner.
It is the year of the eternal April., the year of the crow's reign.
The park called 'Friedenspark' used to be a train station and the chimney used to work for the world progress of the city population.
He calls my balcony the head quarter. Barefoot I feel the black drops of dry Espresso on the floortiles. And I know the bamboo fence won't protect me from myself.
Again I approach the ground with low speed, but the force of gravity is inevitable. It makes me believe the world is flat and the bottom- dom of being makes me lazy to jump as do the kids beneath my balcony, behind the bamboo fence.
This little girl- she has a crazy laughter, dirty for her age and mean. She has neurodermatitis in the hollows of the knee and she wears only pink.
For today I close the white curtains and adjourn the defence strategies for the head quarter- HQ. These curtains, I think should rather be red.
A life of puritanism and minimalism, I decide for today, are not for me.


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